Day Surgery Combo Kit (Multi-User Meter)

  • $59.99

A Blood Glucose Monitoring System, featuring a highly accurate meter with advanced features including:

  • Small Samples required - only 0.6uL - means less pain and no re-tests.
  • Fast Results - 6 seconds.
  • Large 960 Test Memory.
  • No Coding Required.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Large visible screen and buttons.
  • A lifetime meter replacement warranty.
  • Easy to use cable and software for storage of test results on computer.
  • Small and Portable yet Rugged.

Bundled with :

  • 3 x Vial of 10 MediSure Test Strips
  • 10 CaviWipes for in between patient cleaning
  • Box of 100 MediSure Alcohol Wipes

No Taxes

The only Health Canada Licensed Glucose Meter for a multi-patient environment with single use lancets and lacing devices.

Cleaning Protocol (EN)
Cleaning Protocol (FR)